Commercial Grounds

We know you’ll like what you ‘see’. Why? Because we deliver a tailor made package to ensure your external grounds are kept in exceptional condition

We understand the environment you work or live in is paramount to the impression made on those who work, live or visit your space.  Our team of specialists will discuss your grounds maintenance needs and design a bespoke maintenance package to ensure your outdoor space always looks neat and tidy.

Our business has an impressive record in the ground maintenance of open spaces, external grounds, sports facilities and urban areas. We have a wide and varied customer base including blue chip companies, small to medium sized businesses, private schools, sports clubs, local authorities, housing associations and healthcare providers.

We undertake all areas of grounds work and maintenance including:

All types of grass cutting, scarifying, edging and treating

We know the standard of your grass and how it’s cut, makes a lasting impression on all who see it. To ensure that ‘the lasting impression’ is a positive one, we provide a level of excellence on all grass maintenance, from fine turf such as bowling greens, to amenity and sports surfaces (football and rugby). Services in this area of maintenance include grass cutting, scarifying, solid and hollow tining, as well as control of pests and diseases in turf.

Maintaining beds, shrubs and controlling weeds safely

For many businesses who invest in flower and shrub beds, these will quickly become the pride of your outdoor space. After designing and creating these areas for you, our maintenance programme will also keep them weed free, by either manual removal or weed spraying as well as the provision of mulch beds.

Catering for all seasons, we provide summer and winter bedding from small to large tubs, in addition to formal bedding displays.  And to ensure weed management is controlled effectively, our specialist team are fully trained in handling chemicals safely and using the best techniques to gaining the results required.

Maintenance of sports grounds including line marking

Appreciating the way your pitch or track looks, is important to all those who use it, we only use high quality materials to ensure clear and visible markings; setting out and over marking sports pitches including athletics tracks, mini soccer, football, rugby, hockey and rounders.

Maintaining and creating natural and artificial sports pitches

As many facilities now utilise the option of artificial sports pitches, we can create and maintain both natural and artificial pitches, from design and installation, to completion and beyond – always keeping the look and feel of your pitch, in optimum condition.

Landscape design and installation

Taking the time to understand the ‘look’ you want to achieve for your external environment, our specialists will design, install and maintain your landscaping areas (hard or soft), always working to create the best possible impact whilst also meeting your specific needs. Examples of work in this area includes raised beds, rockeries and installation of paved areas.

Trimming and shaping hedges and ornamental trees

Many businesses now encourage their people to take a break during the day and ‘get some air’. Enjoying the outdoor surroundings of their working environment can be just what they need before re-focusing on the day ahead. With this in mind, our highly trained horticulturists can work your hedges and provide ornamental tree management to ensure they are trimmed and shaped to the highest standard, providing an inspiring outdoor space.

Invasive weed survey and control

Invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to control safely and legally. Our team can come on site to carry out a survey which will assess the situation and recommend the most effective treatment for these areas.

Surveying and mapping of your site

We can undertake a survey of your location, providing mapping of all Grounds Maintenance requirements.

Winter maintenance including, trailer gritting, snow clearance and grit bin supply & refill

We understand how important it is to look after your site during the months which experience harsher weather conditions. Our dedicated team will design a plan to take care of your site during the winter months. During this time, our provisions include 4×4 vehicle and gritter trailers to ensure car parks and access roads for your people, as well as snow removal and supply and fill of grit bins.

Tree surveys and maintenance including crown lifts, thinning and felling
Large and Small Mechanical sweeping

With the constant day to day use and footfall of areas such as car parks and playgrounds, it’s easy for a build of detritus and dirt to gather. Our team use specialist equipment to mechanically sweep these areas, keeping them clean and professional looking.

Gully emptying

During the last few years, many areas of the UK have experienced harsh weather conditions such as flooding and storms. To support you during these times, we provide gully emptying and jetting to outside drains and gullys.  This is a preventative six month, tailored programme, which will minimise your business risk to flooding.