David Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

David Hughes was appointed by the TLC Board as Acting Chief Executive Officer on 30 January 2020.

On 1 August 2020 he was offically appointed by the TLC Board as Chief Executive Officer.

David joined Totally Local Company in October 2019 as Chief Operating Officer and has a wealth of experience having previously worked across the UK as Head of Operations for RR Donnelly.

David is a dynamic executive with proven experience of leading in operations management, client service, project delivery and new business.

David is a passionate individual who is a keen advocate of innovation and is financially proven with a record of consistently delivering outstanding business results.

David’s strength and ability as a leader will identify long term strategic opportunities and support us in our journey, focusing on revenue growth, and the provision of a first class delivery service to our clients.

David will play a key role in leading us into 2020 to ensure that we are commercially on the map and the exemplar Facilities Management Service provider in Stockport Borough and the north-west.