Catering – St Philip’s Family Herb Garden

Catering – St Philip’s Family Herb Garden

Posted On: 12 May 2022

Previously we shared how our School Catering theme days inspired St Philips’s Catholic Primary School in Offerton. Now we’d like to share how this fantastic school has inspired – us, and specifically our Cook in Charge Jan.

The school has always had a strong focus on their outdoor space and their environment. Last year they added to their allotment and developed an area where the children can learn natural crafts and how to make tools. They introduced a bug house (Bugingham Palace!) and a hedgehog space. Additionally they have a tree of promise where they share their environmental commitments.

Our Cook Jan spotted a bain-marie that wasn’t being used, saw its potential and asked if she could use it to create a herb garden. The school loved the idea so much that they even sent a letter home to parents to let them know that children could get involved. They also asked for suggestions of what the garden should be called.

We’d like to introduce you to St Philips Family Herb Garden! Children are already supporting this project. They are tending and maintaining the space (which has doubled in size in the last month or so!).

Speaking of the kitchen, as you would expect, the herbs grown will make their way onto the school menu. Next on the agenda is further planting: carrots, lettuce and tomatoes.

Shout Out to Jan who has provided a valuable addition to St Philip’s environmental work.

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