Celebrating Success – Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Team

Celebrating Success – Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Team

Posted On: 05 Jun 2020

During ‘Phase One’ of our plans, the SHEQ team have been instrumental in ensuring the safety of our employees and clients, so it is pertinent to recognise the sort of activities and challenges the team have managed on a daily basis during COVID-19. SHEQ prepared an over-arching COVID-19 Risk Assessment early on, to identify the Hazards and Risks to employees and the business as a whole. Control measures were identified to mitigate and reduce the Risks and Hazards. The team updated TLC’s Risk Assessments to ensure that compliance within the organisation was not just maintained as a minimum, but exceeded this and ‘Best Practice’ was reached.

As part of our essential Business Continuity Plans, the SHEQ team have continued to review our Risk Assessments across the business aligned with the changing parameters of Government, the NHS, WISH (Waste Industry Safety & Health) and FTA (Fleet Transport Association) guidelines to ensure continued compliance, maintenance and management of controls.

The SHEQ team have carried out Safety and Wellbeing audits to all areas to not only support employees through this difficult time, but to ensure that we remain compliant with health and safety. TLC have put a range of new measures in place, including basic hand washing and hygiene, mandatory PPE in some areas and social distancing guidance.

‘Phase Two’ SHEQ Planning and Operations:

TLC reviewed our delivery plans at the beginnin   g of May to prepare for ‘Phase Two’ of our operations. Plans were agreed to increase our services as some government restrictions were lifted in mid-May. Following this the SHEQ team started to review all TLC Risk Assessments against the HSE standard requirements across all of our business areas. The SHEQ have worked consistently to introduce new health and safety measures to ensure that our operations remain compliant, and to ensure we maintain a safe working environment for all of our employees. This includes the installation of new signage across all of our work sites and offices at Enterprise House and Endeavour House.


New signage and Health and Safety guidance has been installed to support our employees to ensure that they are aware of what is required in terms of compliance, including basic hand hygiene, the use of hand sanitisers, PPE requirements in the job role, information about the optional wearing of face coverings, and social distancing. All of these important new measures have been implemented to protect the safety of our employees and the public.

The SHEQ team have not only completed Risk Assessments for our office based sites, they have completed essential audits with Highways, Catering, Street Lighting, and the Eco centre. Their work includes the sign off of new risk assessments , the introduction of new measures and the installation of signage in external client’s premises such as school kitchen catering facilities and buildings.

Further works continue with Cleaning, Security, R & R, Green Space and Parks and Street Care.
This important work will ensure we are HSE compliant for all of our service areas and that we remain COVID-19 Secure.
‘Thank You’ and well done to all of our SHEQ Team Members.

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