Celebrating Success – TLC’s Fleet Investment Programme

Celebrating Success – TLC’s Fleet Investment Programme

Posted On: 10 Aug 2020

Here’s an update on our Fleet Investment programme.

We have now received delivery of five new mechanical sweepers. Two Schmidt Swingo, and three Boschung Sweepers.

Fleet Manager, Alastair Burns, with CEO David Hughes – viewing the new Schmidt Swingo Sweeper models.


The procurement of new vehicles can take time to ensure that we continue to invest in current and technically capable models. This enables us to provide an excellent service delivery for our clients.

The Fleet and Street Cleansing teams arranged several demonstrations and trials from Sweeper suppliers. Our operational team members were invited to review the vehicles and provide feedback, giving ratings for different components, including suction rates and speed, size of the hopper and stability of ride when in work mode.

To be able to drive and operate the Schmidt Sweepers, individuals must have a specific C1 category driving licence. (able to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes). To drive and operate the Boschung Sweepers, individuals need the B category (normal) driving licence (and are able to drive vehicles under 3.5 tonnes).

With this in mind, and to enable our team members without the C1 licence to progress and gain sweeping experience, we reviewed sweepers such as the Boschung models with a road limit of up to 3.5 tonnes.
Following this, we have now purchased three Boschung S2.0 Sweepers which will enable our operatives with a normal driving licence to gain additional skills and sweeping experience which will support our resource planning.

Boschung and Schmidt have not only trained our operatives, they have trained them to become trainers themselves. This will not only enable them to operate the new machinery, it will enable them to train other drivers in terms of safety. This will help reduce any further training costs without having to source external training.

Both suppliers have additionally delivered maintenance training to our team members to enable us to carry out our own cost effective in-house maintenance for these new vehicles.

This investment is a superb addition to our Fleet that will provide further resources and high spec. capability for our Street Cleansing services.

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