Eat Them to Defeat Them – Peppers!

Eat Them to Defeat Them – Peppers!

Posted On: 09 Mar 2022

We’re now mid-way through our pepper week as part of Eat Them to Defeat Them.

Did you know – peppers have so much vitamin goodness?

They are so good for you; we’ve created a little ditty about the colourful pepper!


Peppers change colour at different stages

From a dark green to a yellow that’s bright

With the ripest ones being orange or red

Covering all the shades of the traffic light!


People talk about oranges being high in Vitamin C

But they have nothing on peppers you’ll find

They have three times the Vitamin goodness

Leaving oranges and others far, far behind


Peppers come from flowering plants

And they have seeds to boot

So make sure you keep it under your hat

That peppers are technically a fruit!

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