Greater Manchester Police Recognition for Totally Local Security

Greater Manchester Police Recognition for Totally Local Security

Posted On: 18 Mar 2019

For a second time in 12 months, Greater Manchester Police have recognised Totally Local Security, part of Totally Local Company, for their excellent work.

This March, Superintendent Emma Taylor awarded three members of the Totally Local Security team with a ‘District Commander’s Good Work Minute’.

One individual within the team was recognised for his work on 24th December 2018. A report of rape had been sent out by the Police along with a description of the suspected males. A member of the Totally Local Security team identified one of the males on CCTV in the security control room and alerted the police to this location.  As a result of the prompt action and recognition, two males were subsequently arrested.

Superintendent Emma Taylor states,

“The assistance of CCTV operators is always invaluable, but even more so on this occasion as it was Christmas Eve and officers were experiencing a high demand on their services when this serious incident was reported.”

A further two members of the Totally Local Security team were awarded the ‘District Commander’s Good Work Minute’ for their work in January 2019. On this occasion, they supported police by helping to locate a group of males on CCTV believed to be responsible for two violent robberies.  Both males were subsequently arrested.

The recognition of the District Commander’s Good Work Minute, comes after Totally Local Security were, in April 2018, awarded the Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) Divisional Commander’s Award in acknowledgment of the security work they carry out. This prestigious accolade, given for exceptional performance, is only awarded when the Divisional Commander receives outstanding praise for individuals or companies who deliver standout service to the community and the police.

Stephen Morris, Chief Executive of Totally Local Company, comments.

“I am delighted to see the hard work and dedication of our team has been recognised by Greater Manchester Police.  These awards mean so much – both to the business, and the individuals involved.

I am hugely grateful to have such a highly skilled team who understand the responsibility they hold in helping to keep Stockport safe.”

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