We’re branches above the rest. Our highly qualified Tree Surgeons and Arborists are specially trained to ensure the highest standard of delivery to you at all times

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and expertise of our tree and aboriculture work, from initial contact and consultation right through to the completion of the job.

Our team will talk with you about the job required, providing over the phone advice as well as on-site inspections.  Once we understand your requirements and timescales, we will then recommend the best ‘root’ forward.

Experts of arboriculture, we are highly regarded in Stockport and Greater Manchester, working for a variety of businesses across the north west, including land management agents, schools, healthcare providers and local authorities.

Before any work starts, our team will check if the tree/s fall under local authority preservation orders or conservation areas. Due to the amount of work we manage which falls under this, we can lend our expertise and manage the application process on your behalf, relieving you of any unnecessary stress.

All of our teams are fully experienced and equipped to carry out the most technical tree pruning or removal operations. Keen to look after our environment and as a priority, respecting your home or working environment, we will ensure your remaining landscape and surrounding trees are left in an excellent condition.

All work procedures incorporate safe systems of working and form part of the internal quality control. These include the Arboricultural & Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) guidelines published by the HSE and the Guide to Good Climbing Practice and Guide to use of MEWPS in Arboriculture published by the Arboricultural Association. Whilst undertaking any work, special attention is paid to the protection of local wildlife and flora, keeping in line with current legislation.

On completion of our jobs, debris generated will be removed and recycled in line with Solution SK’s waste transfer policy. This also contributes to a cleaner, greener environment.

We undertake all areas of tree work including:

Tree Felling

Tree Felling is carried out on dead, dying, diseased or undesirable trees, or simply those which have outgrown their surroundings or are obstructing development. Tree Felling is a practice based on the tree being situated in a space large enough to allow the branches, or the entire tree, to fall safely.

Sectional Felling

Section Felling is carried out on the same trees that ‘Tree Felling’ is, however this is the most suitable solution for trees which are situated in restricted spaces such as over or adjacent to buildings, highways, footpaths, other trees and flora etc. This process involves specialised rope work and lowering devices to avoid risk or hazard.

Full or Partial Crown Reductions

Full or Partial Crown Reduction is carried out on desirable trees that are becoming susceptible to wind damage or outgrowing their surroundings often due to reduced light, growing on or close to a building, street light, or effecting the reception of TV aerials, etc.

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is carried out on desirable trees that are becoming susceptible to wind damage, reducing light, or effecting the reception of TV aerials, etc. This process is the removal of crossing, dead or diseased branches first, followed by secondary branches to reduce density and improve safety.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is carried out when the lowest branches of a tree are too low, hanging over buildings, highways, footpaths; consequently reducing light. In this situation we recommend Crown Lifting to physically lift the lower branches causing the concern.

Formative Pruning

Formative Pruning is carried out to form the crown of a new tree or re-form the shape of a more mature tree and involves the removal of crossing, dead, damaged, dying, diseased branches first.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is carried out on stumps that are too large to dig where they could be a trip hazard, unsightly or in the way of a planting project/ development.

Stump Poisoning

Stump Poisoning is carried out when a stump is desirable without the tree re-growth.

Root Pruning

Root Pruning is carried out on roots that are exposed or in close proximity to buildings.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming is carried out to keep a hedge formal or neat.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting is carried out to replace the loss of other trees or to enhance a landscape.