Schools Christmas Card Design Competition 2019

Schools Christmas Card Design Competition 2019

Posted On: 27 Jan 2020

We launched our annual Christmas card design competition to local schools in Stockport and invited entries using the ‘Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle at Christmas’ theme.

We received some great designs from children aged from four to eleven. The children were very creative and used recycled materials as well as putting crayons to paper to create their Christmas cards.

christmas card designs

We invited Stockport Mayor, Councillor Laura Booth to judge our Christmas card design competition. This was no easy task for the Mayor, but she managed to select first, second, and third prize winners.

school prize winner with the mayor
After School Club Manager, James Frizzell, with Mayor Councillor Laura Booth, 2nd prize winner, Amelia Bailey, Mayoress, Mrs Lynn Glover and Head Teacher, Mr Paul Towey, at St Mary’s RC primary School.

Lillie-Grace Rooney, Age 11, from Vernon Park Primary School, won First prize, the winning design. The school received £250.00 National Books Vouchers. We awarded second prize to Amelia Bailey, Age 7, from St Mary’s RC Primary School and third prizewinner, Roma Husbands, Age 11, from Vernon Park Primary School. All three children received vouchers for their entries in the competition.

prize winners with the mayor
Head Teacher, Vernon Park Primary School, Mrs Clare Lee, with 1st prize winner, Lillie-Grace Rooney, Mayor, Councillor Laura Booth, 3rd prize winner, Roma Husbands and Mayoress, Mrs Lynn Glover.

All Prize Winners received a special visit at their school to receive their awards.

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