Solutions SK cooks up winning menu

Posted On: 21 Nov 2016

Earlier today the winning menu from our ‘Design a Menu’ competition was plated up for the pupils of the winner’s school.

Isabelle, from St Philips RC Primary school in Stockport, entered the competition which promoted healthy eating back in May; the competition had over 100 entries but Isabelle’s menu took the winning title for Key Stage 2.

The pupils at St Philips were served, as described by the winner, a “meal which includes a healthy balance of all good groups and is great tasting.” This consisted of:

  • Chicken pasta bake with tomatoes
  • Side dishes of nutritional vegetables
  • Dessert of fruit salad frozen yogurt in a biscuit cone

Isabelle eating her winning menu

Just before Isabelle demolished the healthy lunch she designed, we managed to have a quick chat and asked her how she felt when she won:

When I found out that I had won the competition I was really happy.  It made me feel proud to have my dinner eaten by the rest of my school.

St Philips RC Primary School’s Head Teacher, Carole Hogan, also spoke with us about the competition. Carole said,

In 2016, we had a new kitchen and a new cook from Solutions SK, Kim Edgar. It was under Kim’s influence we decided to encourage the children to take part.
It’s important to us to encourage the notion of healthy eating and taking part helped give some recognition to our school

Our team at Solutions SK have just launched our Festive E-card competition and whilst at St Philips Primary, we took the opportunity to ask Isabelle what she would say to those wanting to enter. “I would tell everyone to definitely do it, to try their best and hopefully, win.”

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