Totally Local Company New service: External Bin Sanitising

Posted On: 05 Sep 2017

Our team of Commercial Cleaning experts launch a new high quality service to businesses across Stockport. Due to high demand, this September sees our team offer External Bin Sanitising.


Why do you need your bin(s) cleaning?


After time dirt builds up, in and outside of your bins. An unwashed bin is prone to infestation with unwanted insects which can then attract unwanted pests. And simply, it will also smell very unpleasant.


What do we do to clean your bin(s)

Our experts will come to your business site at your convenience and will:

  • Clean the bin both internally and externally
  • Fully remove grime and decaying substances which are left at the bottom of the bins
  • Reduce the attraction of vermin such as rats and mice
  • Fully disinfected reducing unpleasant odours
  • Leave the bins smelling fresh and clean



Bin sanitising


Bin sanitising


If you would like to book for this service or would like more information, contact Andrew Davies today on

0161 474 5576, or by email,

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