Time for a spring clean? Discover more about our efficient Fogging service

Time for a spring clean? Discover more about our efficient Fogging service

Posted On: 10 Mar 2021

Our most recent addition to the TLC business has been our electrostatic fogger. Electrostatic foggers are the fastest and most effective way to sanitise and disinfect at risk areas. 

Our foggers use large volumes of air at a low pressure to transform liquids into tiny droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. These droplets are perfect for the application of sterilisation and disinfecting.

An effective way to deep clean 

The main benefits include: 

  • A thorough clean – Think of it as a hygiene MOT 
  • Quick and safe  
  • No downtime, a surface can be used in as little as 10 minutes after  
  • Electromagnetic charge gives greater dispersion 
  • Protects against millions of viruses
  • Safe to use on IT equipment  

Each droplet is electrostatically charged, which gives: 

  • Consistent coverage 
  • Better surface contact 
  • Quick turnaround  
  • Optimum economy 

When carried out correctly, it is one of the most effective ways to deep clean and rid an area of germs and viruses, such as Covid-19. Fogging is now a common method of fighting Covid-19 as part of a sanitisation & decontamination process. This process can be used proactively to ensure your workspace is suitable for your employees or pupils, or reactively if you need sanitisation after an outbreak. 

Here when you need us 

Businesses need frequent cleaning of high contact areas and surfaces with an approved disinfectant; the last few months have highlighted this more than ever. And with new practices in place, employers have a duty of care to staffemployees, pupils and customers. For further reading on employers’ duty of care, read the HSE guidelines here.  

But how can fogging help? 

We know how important lack of downtime is to both educational settings and businesses. However, did you know that fogging has an extremely quick turnaround? As an example, we are able to clean 2-3 classrooms in 15 minutes which then can be used 10 minutes later. 

Safe. Secure. Speedy. Not bad for 15 minutes work!

‘Unfortunately, our school was recently in the position of having a significant number of positive Covid cases. As a school we needed to do as much as possible in order to reduce the ongoing risk for the rest of our community. Andy and the TLC team were great. In addition to our regular cleaning, they arranged very quickly for fogging of the school to be undertaken. They arrived on site as agreed and methodically worked through the school fogging in every room. The peace of mind it brought to us knowing that this service had been carried out cannot be underestimated and as a school we would like to thank TLC for their prompt and efficient service.’

Need our Help?

Our technical team are fully trained in usage and are available with full PPE for quick turnaround cleaning if you need support. 

If you would like to know more about this service for your workplace or school, then please get in touch with Andy Davies on: 07800 618 559 or get in contact today. 

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