Together We Grow: Celebrating Jayne and James 

Together We Grow: Celebrating Jayne and James 

Posted On: 02 Apr 2024

Hey everyone, got a bit of news from TLC that’s too good not to share. You know us, we’re usually out and about, making sure our neighbourhoods stay clean and green. But today, it’s about giving a shoutout to two of our own, Jayne Stubbs and James Wexler, who’ve just knocked it out of the park with their latest achievements. 

Jayne’s progress  

Jayne Stubbs, School Catering Manager, has just finished her Operational Management Level 5 course. This isn’t just about Jayne boosting her own skill set (though that’s a big deal in itself!) — it’s about enhancing the way we strategise, handle change and streamline our processes. 

With Jayne at the helm, our school catering team is more equipped than ever to provide innovative, efficient and high-quality services to over 60 school sites. Her enhanced leadership skills promise to inspire her team and elevate the standard of service you’ve come to expect from us. 

James’ Path  

James Wexler, our Greenspace Assistant Manager, recently completed his ILM Level 5 Management and Leadership course. He explains how: “This journey has enriched my professional skill set and empowered me to lead with confidence and vision. Thank you for investing in my growth and believing in my potential. I’m excited to apply these new insights to contribute even more effectively to our collective success.”  

With James improving his leadership abilities, we’re ready to make our greenspace services even better, turning them into places where communities love to be. Expect even more care and creativity in how we look after green spaces, all thanks to James’s big ideas and our commitment to always improving. 

Why this matters

What Jayne and James have achieved is a big win for both TLC and for you. Their commitment and progress mean we’re set to deliver even better services across the board. This means improved catering in educational settings and the creation of cleaner, greener public spaces, translating into tangible benefits for the communities we serve together. 

Let’s collaborate for change 

To Jayne and James, a huge congrats! To everyone else, let’s keep the conversation going. Have thoughts on how we can do even better? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the improvements we’re making?  

We’re ready to have discussions that matter to you. Have your say.  

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