Top 3 Autumnal Greenspace Care Tips From TLC’s Greenspace Assistant Manager, Paul Mcdermot 

Top 3 Autumnal Greenspace Care Tips From TLC’s Greenspace Assistant Manager, Paul Mcdermot 

Posted On: 05 Oct 2023

Come rain and shine, hot or cold, our expert greenspace team is out in the community making sure that your outdoor spaces are well-kept and looking good.

Even though it’s a spooky month, it doesn’t have to be a spooky season when it comes to your greenspace care. We caught up with our Greenspace expert, Paul, to learn their top tips for greenspace care this autumn season. Find out what they are!

A fine time for fine turf renovation

This is for those fields of fine turf (such as bowling greens, cricket squares, hockey fields etc.), and come autumn, the Totally Local team gives these areas some pre-emptive TLC. We start by removing thatch material, such as dead moss and vegetation. We’ll induce tilling of the grass, which means encouraging root growth, by spiking areas to:

  • Allow air circulation 
  • Improve drainage
  • Relieve compaction

All of the above, along with overseeding and fertilising with an iron fertiliser, will prepare the turf for soggy autumn and long chilly winters.

Leave leaf removal to us

Those pesky falling autumn leaves have inspired many artists and creatives, but they’re not ideal for your greenspace. Though the colours of autumn are beautiful to look at, leaves can cause some issues with the rest of your greenspace that has been worked on so hard throughout the rest of the year.

Fallen leaves can cause all sorts of chaos. If left on hard services, pedestrians can slip, and they can also clog drains which causes safety issues for people and wrecks your greenspace. Fallen leaves can smother delicate plants, and if left on turfed areas, their decomposition can destroy turf – which isn’t what you want!

That’s why our greenspace team keep raking up those leaves high up on the autumnal checklist to make sure your greenspace is ready to survive the season.

Keeping Japanese knotweed under control

Japanese knotweed control is a very important part of the greenspace autumn schedule. Japanese knotweed was introduced to Britain as an ornamental plant, but we soon learned that it’s actually quite invasive and difficult to control.

In early autumn, we programme extensive treatment on identified sites across the borough. Japanese knotweed can take a few seasons to eradicate and requires a glyphosate-based weedkiller to kill it properly. 

We closely monitor sites with the pesky weed and ensure we eradicate regrowth and dispose of it suitably. 

Need some greenspace assistance? We’ve got tips and tricks up our sleeves for any time of year. We’ll also work with you to design a tailored programme based on your specific greenspace needs, just get in touch with us today for a chat. 

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