500 New Year’s Resolutions from Stockport Children in Competition

500 New Year’s Resolutions from Stockport Children in Competition

Posted On: 30 Nov 2018

This week, The Mayor of Stockport, Walter Brett, and Manager of the Light Cinema, Jamie Pitt, judged our latest competition.

The competition invited primary schools we work with, to design a festive decoration and on the back of the decoration, write a New Year’s resolution that they hope to keep throughout 2019. Decoration designs were a choice of a winter robin, the Manchester Bee, a Christmas bauble and a snowflake.

In line with the national curriculum, children were asked to think about British Values and how they can use these as inspiration for their New Year’s resolution.

The judges and team at Totally Local were overwhelmed with the creativity and effort the children had gone to with their entries. Due to the very high standard of the design work, the judges decided to award two join winners;

Faye, age 9 at High Lane Primary School, said,

“My New Year’s Resolution is to help children lower down in the school to find friends.”

Faye - Competition winner High Lane
Faye, Winner from High Lane Primary School











Annabelle, age 10 from Oak Tree Primary School said,
“My New Year’s Resolution is to help my mum around the house more.”
Faye and Annabelle have both won a private screening for their school year at the Light Cinema in Stockport.

Annabel - Oaktree Competition Winner
Annabel – Oaktree Competition Winner

Runner ups, each of which have won a family ticket to the Light Cinema, are:

Isabelle, age 11 from Alexandra Park Primary School:
“My New Year’s Resolution is to sponsor a guide dog because I know they will help someone see so instead of being stuck inside all day, they can go outside and have a good time, making them more confident and happy.”

Mille-Rose, age 9, St Simon’s Catholic Primary School,
“To raise money for Cancer Research”

Hannah, age 7, High Lane Primary School
“To continue to be kind and work hard at school so I can be a good reader.”

Lola-Mae, age 7, Oak Tree Primary School
“I would like to get better at demons, maths and times tables.”

Liora, age 11, North Cheshire Jewish Primary School
“When people get into silly arguments that I think are ridiculous, I’ll try to empathise instead of being a by-stander. I will always try to show empathy to friends and family, and everyone in my school.”

Isabella, age 6, Cheadle Primary School
“Bee happy, Bee kind, Bee helpful”

All entries to the competition are now on display at the Light Cinema and will remain there throughout December.

Mayor of Stockport, Walter Brett said,
“It’s tremendous, the effort that all the children have gone to. They should be incredibly proud of the creativity in their designs and the thought that has gone into their New Year’s resolutions.”

Jamie Pitt, Manager of the Light Cinema said,
“We are so pleased to be a part of this competition and initiative. It was incredibly difficult to choose the winners and runner ups. Our team have been busy putting up all the displays from the children so everyone in Stockport can see them when they visit our cinema. Congratulations to our winners, runner ups and everyone who took part.

Stephen Morris, CEO at Totally Local Company said,
“This has been such a fantastic competition to run. We work with many businesses across Stockport, including schools. As part of our culture, we believe it’s important to engage with the communities we live and work in to add further value. Competitions such as this, help us do that. The entries were so fabulous and to such a high calibre. I can’t wait to visit the Light Cinema this December to see them all on display.”

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