Greek Street – Highways Team Thank You

Greek Street – Highways Team Thank You

Posted On: 06 Aug 2021

Shout out to our Highways team who, in partnership with SMBC, were involved in urgent highway repairs on Greek Street, Stockport.

Greek Street is a major route, so it was crucial that disruption be minimal. The problem was found on the Tuesday and onsite work began Wednesday. Impressively Greek St was back open before rush hour Friday morning.

We want to take the time to recognise, not just the work onsite, but also the significant work done behind the scenes that enabled this to be fixed as soon as possible.

In particular, we’d like to thank:

Jenny Derbyshire who arranged permits, authorisation and diversions in record time.

Our onsite team Steve Barker and Cian McDonnell, and supervisor Rodney Gordon. Cian recently completed his TLC Highways Apprenticeship, successfully gaining a role in our Highways team upon completion.

SMBC, in particular the SMBC Streetworks team, who ensured decisions were made quickly and supported delivery when time was of the essence.

We’re really proud of this huge achievement and great teamwork across TLC and SMBC.

Wording - Greek Street Thank you with an image showing road damage and a large red drill being used to fix to problem, blue barriers can be seen in the background

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