Our Catering Theme Days

Our Catering Theme Days

Posted On: 28 Apr 2022

Our TLC Catering team regularly run theme days across our 61 schools.

We have a variety of themes from the Seaside to Superheroes!

These celebratory days give us an opportunity to really engage with our children, and to create something visually exciting for them. They provide a fun way to showcase our attractive and appetising food.

Each time we do a theme day we get feedback from our teams. They share how much the children loved it and how excited they were.

Sometimes these days do even more than we expect…

That was definitely the case at our recent Movie Theme Day at St Philips Catholic Primary School in Offerton. The children loved the event, including the chance to watch a film whilst they ate. So much so that the school is now planning to introduce not only Film Fridays but also Music Mondays!

We love working in partnership with all our schools – and we’re really proud when they love our ideas so much that they make them a permanent part of school life!

Of course, this is a two-way street. In a future post we’ll share how St Philip’s strong environmental focus has inspired Jan, our Cook, to get involved.

Shout Out to Jan and Claire (GA) for their fantastic work at St Philip’s.

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