Our latest project is complete…

Our latest project is complete…

Posted On: 17 Mar 2021

We recently got involved with a fun project that we thought we’d share with you: the transformation of an old school bus [on behalf of Stockport City Council] which needed a little TLC! 


What did we do?

First, we gutted it out to make way for its brand-new look! The old school bus needed a big transformation if it was going to deliver on its new purpose and be ready to hit the road from 8th March. 

refurbWe got our mechanics on the job to fix it up and make sure it was road safe.

This is a service we offer to all sorts of businesses, not just yellow buses.

In fact, we provide maintenance and repairs on all forms of commercial vehicles up to 3500kgs in our workshop (but more of that here). 







The next stage saw us fit in four brand new booths, create an outside waiting room with a gazebo and safety barriers, and the addition of new heaters so that the bus wouldn’t get cold when stationary

But why would we need this? 

Any ideas what we are going to be using it for yet? 







Meet Stockport’s first COVID Test Bus!

Covid bus

The big, yellow bus will be visiting numerous businesses across Stockport to ensure the safety of their employees and prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Asymptomatic lateral flow testing can be carried out quickly, and safely from any location with the new, mobile testing centre. 

This will help the NHS and Public Health England keep our local area safe as we work hard to keep Stockport moving! If you give the bus out and about, be sure to give it a wave! 

What else does the workshop do?

Interested in what our workshop is capable of? Read here for more information about our MOT, repair and maintenance services. 

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