Totally Local Company’s Rapid Response: Cleaning & Catering Divisions Steps Up Amidst Urgent School Needs

Totally Local Company’s Rapid Response: Cleaning & Catering Divisions Steps Up Amidst Urgent School Needs

Posted On: 13 Dec 2023

In the heart of Stockport, Totally Local Company has once again demonstrated its commitment to community service by extending a helping hand during urgent times. This time, it’s the diligent efforts of our dedicated cleaning and catering teams that have not only made a significant impact on local schools but also garnered recognition from James Kingston at Stockport Council.

The RAAC Challenge:

The 1970s-era Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in some local schools has become a cause for concern, leading to closures and urgent maintenance needs. Recognising the severity of the situation, TLC swiftly mobilised its resources to assist affected schools in addressing the RAAC issue.

TLC Cleaning Team’s Swift Response:

When the call for help echoed through Stockport, TLC’s cleaning team stepped up to the plate. Understanding the urgency and importance of maintaining a safe and clean learning environment, our cleaners worked tirelessly to ensure that affected schools were thoroughly cleaned and ready for students to return.

Responding to Increased School Traffic:

The ripple effects of RAAC-related concerns also led to the re-homing of children from an affected school to another primary school. With the increased traffic and activities in the receiving school, the need for additional cleaning support arose on multiple occasions. Once again, TLC’s cleaning and school catering teams demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness, providing the necessary assistance.

Recognition from Stockport Council:

James Kingston at Stockport Council took notice of TLC’s swift and efficient response to the RAAC challenge. James Kingston reached out to our Finance Director to express gratitude for the crucial role our cleaning and catering teams played in helping the local schools overcome this unforeseen hurdle. This recognition reflects not only the dedication of our employees but also TLC’s unwavering commitment to community welfare.

Totally Local Company’s commitment to community service has once again shone through in the face of the RAAC challenge. Our cleaning and catering team’s rapid response and hard work have not only helped local schools overcome a crisis but have also earned recognition from Stockport Council. As we continue to provide essential services to the community, we take pride in the positive impact TLC has on Stockport and its residents.

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