Treeworks – good for your greenspace, great for the planet

Treeworks – good for your greenspace, great for the planet

Posted On: 03 Apr 2023

Trees are so much more than outdoor decoration. They’ve been with us in the background of most of our lives – in our favourite childhood playtime memories or standing tall as we glance out of a window at work.

But they don’t just look nice, they’re also quietly at work helping to make all of our lives better and healthier, including creatures big and small. Here’s a few ways that treeworks make the world a little bit better, leaf by leaf:

They provide homes for wildlife 

Just one mature oak tree can be home to as many as 500 different species. 

Many different wildlife species depend on trees for food, water, shelter or a place to raise their families. Living trees provide resting and nesting shelter as well as food to munch on.  

Mature trees offer delicious fruits and foraging opportunities and in extreme weather (hot or cold!) little creatures can stay safe under cover while being close to their food source. Young trees also provide food for animals and wildlife, but this means many newly planted trees cannot grow. Our expert Arboriculture team will manage your new trees properly to ensure they grow to their full potential. 

They absorb CO2 for breakfast…and lunch and dinner! 

More than just breakfast, they feast on it all day through photosynthesis. One tree will absorb approximately between 10 kg and 40 kg of CO2 in a year. Old trees absorb the most, but new ones still make an impact. This is a great way to support Stockport Council’s Climate Action Now (CAN) plan, who are aiming to make Stockport carbon neutral by 2038 and the Council net zero by 2030. Not only do our specialist Arbs help us to support this plan, so do our solar panel waste trucks

Planting trees is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of tackling the climate crisis according to scientists. The best part is that individuals can get involved by planting and growing trees themselves to make a difference. You could get involved too by adding trees to your greenspace with the help of our treeworks specialists. They’ll help you with planning, planting and maintaining trees in your greenspace. Got trees you like already? Our team can take care of them to make sure they’re in the best shape to keep fighting the good fight against climate change by absorbing greenhouse emissions.  

They clean our air, keeping our lungs healthy 

Particulate matter is the most dangerous kind of air pollution to our lungs. It enters the air we breathe through the burning of fossil fuels and can reach dangerous concentrations in large cities and areas close to factories and big roads. 

Leave it to the leaves. Trees remove particulate matter by catching tiny particles on their leaves, filtering the air we breathe. Most filtration occurs within 100 feet of a tree, so if you’re planting them in your greenspace you’ll be breathing in the freshest of air! 

Research has found significantly lower asthma rates among children aged 4-5 in areas with more trees – and if it’s good for the kids it must be good for grown-ups too. Whatever your business or organisation, your greenspace could be benefiting from the addition of trees to filter your air and perk up the landscape and our Arb specialists are here to help. 

They keep you cool with shady business 

Temperatures are rising and heatwaves are getting longer and stronger because of climate change. This means the temperature in urban spaces is rapidly on the rise because of a lack of greenery and lots of pavement. 

Pavement absorbs more heat than other materials, which makes areas with lots of paving heat up more. Paved areas can get between 5 to 8 degrees hotter than surrounding areas – which isn’t great news for urban spaces. What’s more is that paved areas tend to stay hotter into the late night which is bad for your health. 

Trees shade acts like natural air conditioning and the leaves release water vapour which has been pulled up by the roots from the soil. This brings water and heat from the land surface and releases it into the atmosphere, helping to cool the area down.  

Planting trees in your greenspace could help some of the longer-term effects of climate change and help to keep your business or organisation a little bit cooler during the long summer months.  

Like we said, trees are so much more than a decorative feature in your greenspace. You could be contributing to the climate change fight, making the air around you a bit fresher, or providing homes to many of the world’s little creatures. In 2023 our Greenspace team have already planted close to 1200 trees across Stockport (1174 at latest count!), but the sky is the limit for how many we can plant!  

We are an ARB Approved Contractor which proves our ambition to work to the best practices, continually learn, improve and raise the professional standards of the industry. Get in touch to see how we can help enhance your greenspace with treeworks today. 

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