School Meals

School meals are our team’s passion. Each day, we provide our schools with a delicious, wholesome hot meal. This is complemented by vegetables and salad which are served daily in addition to vegetarian options and options for those with special dietary needs; and of course, a desserts and variety of drinks.

How are we different than other providers? We take time to work with you and understand what you are looking for. As a business, we drive innovation, encouraging our people to look at new choices for you and your school.

Delicious, healthy meals

Menu Design

Our priority is creating delicious and healthy menus that your children want to eat. Through our role, we help your children learn at a young age that eating well can be fun and that food is central to their health and energy.

All our menus are tailored made to suit our customer’s taste. Working with a diverse range of schools we ensure inclusion for all pupils and staff and our team work with you to create a menu that meets the need of any special diet.

A sample of our Spring/Summer menu can be found here.

Sourcing Nutritional Food

Creating delicious, healthy meals is easy when you use the right ingredients and ours are among the best; sourced locally wherever possible.

Our focus is on quality.

Over 85% of our menu is produced from raw ingredients by our professional qualified staff. All our dishes are either steamed, boiled or oven baked; we do not serve any deep fried foods in primary schools. Working in partnership with our schools, we offer a bespoke multi-choice menu which can be tailored to the school’s requirements. We procure fresh quality produce via reputable suppliers to ensure complete traceability of food.

Our current menus meet all food-based standards and allergen laws and feature the following:

  • Red Tractor or Farm Assured Meat and Poultry
  • Fresh quality fruit and vegetables
  • Two of the five daily portions of fruit
  • Marine Stewardship Council approved fish
  • Meeting all food based standards and allergen laws
  • A varied two course meal and drink
Engaging with the school and children

Taking an active approach to supporting your school and engaging with the children, we often hold events and competitions to encourage the children to try new foods or think about healthy eating choices.

In May 2016 we worked with Stockport County Community Foundation to launch a competition which asked primary school children across the borough, to design their own healthy lunch menu. To further engage and promote this competition, our team went into the schools to present assemblies and help give the children inspiration to get started. Over 100 children entered the competition.

In November 2017 we launched a competition to again engage with school children, asking them to design a festive e-card which will be published in the Stockport Express. Further competitions are planned for 2018.

Making food exciting

Throughout the school year, we work with you to agree ‘theme days’ which enable us to create special menus and excitement around the day, which also working in conjunction with the activy the school already has planned.

For the school year 2017/18 we have the following theme days planned;

  • September: Harvest
  • October: Diwali
  • November: School meal awareness week
  • December: Christmas
  • January: Chinese new year
  • February: Healthy heart
  • March: World book day
  • April: Easter
  • May: FA Cup
  • June: Wimbledon fever
  • July: American independence day
Our People and our Relationship with you

Our cooks and their teams are dedicated to becoming part of your school, catering for all of your school meal needs whilst engaging with you and the children to encourage a healthy approach eating.

We understand a healthy body equals a healthy mind so design our meals to keep the children energised and focused throughout the school day.

Each school we work with is given their own dedicated account manager who will visit on a regular basis to ensure we have open dialogue and regularly review the service we are providing.

In addition to meeting with the school on a regular basis, our account managers also work closely with our cooks to ensure the team is working well and meeting all of your expectations.

Investing in our people, we continually look to develop the skills of our cooks and their assistants.  Our suppliers will often hold workshops or taster sessions, designed to enhance skills, knowledge and technique, as well as inspiring new ideas.

Current training includes Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Hospitality and Catering NVQs.


We understand the importance of ensuring your administration of managing school meals, the ordering and payment of these, is as simple as possible.  To help with this, we partner with ParentPay which offers a full online solution for this service.