The ABC’s of Facilities Management – a lesson in facilities management in schools

The ABC’s of Facilities Management – a lesson in facilities management in schools

Posted On: 21 Mar 2024

Notebooks ready! Today’s lesson is on the things you need to know about facilities management in schools so that you can make the most informed decisions about your school.

Let’s get started!

A is for action. Make sure you’re using proactive companies who make recommendations that are right for your particular school.

B is for the best choice for your child. Food is fuel for your child’s success, and there are government guidelines around what children should eat at home and school. Our catering staff adheres to these guidelines and creates delicious, nutritious meals.

C is for cleaning. Cleanliness is the key to healthiness, as it stops the spread of germs. As of November 2023, we added two additional primary schools in Stockport and Manchester to our professional cleaning contracts.

D is for digital menus and payment. Our school catering team does more than create and serve nutritious meals; they also have digital menus and payment systems available should you require them.

E is for that extra mile. Our TLC teams always go the extra mile for you. Just take a look at what our greenspace team did for Lum Head Primary School – they weren’t going to let a little bad weather stop the school from getting their service.

F is for food education. Good food education helps children to make lifelong healthy choices. Our catering staff create themed menus and seasonal produce campaigns too. You can learn how we create nutritious plates for all children here.

G is for greenspace maintenance. Don’t forget your outdoor spaces as part of your facilities management approach! We offer greenspace maintenance for schools, ensuring children have safe and well-kept outdoor spaces to learn and play in.

H is for health and safety. This is vitally important at schools, and our staff are trained to ensure the highest standards of health and safety across a range of services. We’ll ensure your school meals, playgrounds, and classrooms are clean and safe for children.

I is for internal audits. These are carried out regularly among our departments through appraisals and reviews to ensure compliance.

J is for joy. People who find joy in what they do, do it better. Our team takes pride and joy in delivering excellent service to our clients, and our school contracts are no exception.

K is for knowledge. Our teams are filled with professionals who have been trained to high standards, which means the work they carry out is done with their knowledge and expertise.

L is for local. Our school services are delivered by people local to the community, so not only are they on hand and close by when needed, but they also take pride and care in the community they live and work in.

M is for management. You’ll have a dedicated account manager with TLC who will be your main point of contact for everything. They’ll be on top of your needs, know about your contracts and be up to speed on the work you need.

N is for no temporary staff. That’s because we’re committed to maintaining a dependable relationship with you, so our staff will get to know your business and needs and be a familiar face.

O is for opportunities. We have a successful apprenticeship scheme, which gives people the opportunity to learn and grow with us. This means you’re getting the very best working in your facilities.

P is for professionals. Our school catering team comprises professionally trained staff and nutritionists who work to plan and deliver your menus.

Q is for quality. That’s what our work is, here’s what the Head Teacher of Bridge Hall Primary had to say… “The food has been fantastic. So many parents are asking about the new school meals as their children are going home and asking to have a school dinner.”

R is for reliability. Your dedicated account manager is there to support you with anything you might need, ensuring you’re prepared for emergencies and always covered no matter what might happen. TLC is always here for you.

S is for a single point of contact. We offer a full range of facilities management services, which means you can have all of your FM delivered in one place. Under one roof, you’ll always have someone to ensure your contracts are renewed, work is scheduled, and runs smoothly, making sure you always get the very best service.

T is for tailor-made. Our facilities management packages are tailored to meet your exact needs and specifications, so you’ll always get what you need and more.

U is for uniform. As a point of safety our TLC staff wear a uniform to ensure they’re clearly identifiable as staff for children’s safety. Our operatives also follow a strict Code of Conduct when working on site.

V is for very happy clients. Since August 2016 we have a 96% client retention rate, which tells us they’re very happy with TLC. Wouldn’t you like to join them?

W is for waste management. Our team will ensure that all of your waste is managed in the most efficient and environmentally conscious way. With waste disposal and recycling services handled, you’re completely covered.

X is for X factor. Our staff have really got it. Just one look at our blog, and you’ll see all of the awards, nominations, community shoutouts and more that our staff receive regularly. They’re exactly the people you want working in your school.

Y is for year-round. Our staff work all year round, which means they will get to know your business and its individual needs. They’ll also help to improve it for you, which means everything will run just that much smoother.

Z is for zero disruption. Our staff fit around your agenda. From cleaning to greenspace, we’ll work with you to find access times that suit your school to ensure the least disruption possible.
Now you know your ABC’s of school facilities management with TLC, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a totally local expert today to design your bespoke facilities management package.

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