Totally Local Company: Your facilities management partner

Totally Local Company: Your facilities management partner

Posted On: 09 Aug 2022

We know it can be challenging keeping on top of everything you need to manage the running of your business. So, we’ve made it easy for you to see what packages of services we can provide for you. Now you can get everything you need from one place and get on with what you do best. 

We’ve recently made some fantastic upgrades to our website. Whilst we’re still providing the same, dependable, expert service we always have, we’ve added in some exciting new features to make your life even easier.

Here we focus in on the services we provide to schools and academies, to give you just one example of the many things we do. Read on to find out more about the great services we offer, a little bit more about how we can provide multiple solutions for you and how it all works!

Services for schools

We have partnerships with over 80 schools across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, providing excellent, essential services. From the signage on the front gates to the catering behind the scenes and everything in between, we offer all you need to manage the facilities of your school or academy.  

Going above and beyond, our catering teams really do become part of your team. Not only serving great food but always looking to make improvements and complement the school curriculum, they care for the needs of your pupils and staff. For example, in St Philip’s Catholic Primary School we educate and engage with the children through planting and growing food and introducing theme menus.  

We do more than just catering. We’ve zoomed in on one of our amazing customers, The Laurus Trust, to demonstrate how we partner with them to provide cleaning and greenspace solutions across multiple venues.

Commercial cleaning service

  • We were able to meet the needs of the 7 schools in the Laurus Trust, allocating 134 employees across multiple sites working from a bespoke cleaning programme which we formed in partnership with the trust.  
  • Many of the schools were new builds, so we needed to fit in with the construction timetable. We were adaptive and responsive, working to BICSs standards across clearly defined zones.  
  • By splitting the programme into separate zones, we could allocate responsibility, expertise and accountability to our teams in each area.  
  • As a result, we delivered great success in meeting the goals we agreed with the schools, demonstrating that we work to meet your individual needs. 

Grounds maintenance

  • In addition to the cleaning services, we provide the Laurus Trust with grounds maintenance and tree surveying solutions.  
  • Initially this came with challenges to overcome, like minimising disturbance to the students and local residents and arranging access times that wouldn’t cause disruption.  
  • Our solutions:
    • Working outside hours, for example before the school day starts or during the holidays.  
    • Using battery operated equipment and power tools, which benefits the environment as well as significantly reducing noise pollution.  

Working in partnership, we’ve maintained a successful relationship delivering multiple services for the Laurus Trust for over five years.  

Complementary services for your sector

Schools are just one of the many sectors we provide bespoke service packages for. Get in touch today to find out more about the services we offer for:  

Visit our new website today to find out more about the service packages for your sector. We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch with any questions using the form on our website. Alternatively, to discuss your needs you can reach us here: 

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